Australian Story – An illustrated timeline

Tania McCartney

National Library of Australia Publishing


ISBN 978-0-642-27745-9; 297 x 210mm, paperback; b&w and colour illus;


Category: Children’s Non-Fiction Picture Book

Market: Children; general trade; history; education

Release date: April 2012


Finally a child friendly history book of Australia is here! With everything from how Australia formed to where we are now, with an amazing illustrated timeline of  all the important things in between. Tania McCartney has created and presented an easy to follow collection of pictures and facts to guide even the youngest mind through our history. There is something here for everyone to learn and reflect on. This book is an absolute must for the classroom and the library as well as a great way to introduce history to your children at home.

Learning about our country and the events that have shaped it is a great way to develop a sense of national pride and community in our youth. Our children will one day be running this amazing place, who knows you could be raising a future prime minister. What a great way to develop their passion for Australia!

This book is a beautiful collection of snap shots in time using NLA’s impressive digital collection, you can find out more about how Tania McCartney created this collection here:

A great memento for visitors to Australia also.

Highly recommended!

Tania McCartney

Tania McCartney is a published and self-published author of both children’s books and adult non-fiction. Her works include You Name It (Hodder Headline 1995), Beijing Tai Tai (TM Press, 2009), Handmade Living: a designer collective (Handmade Press 2010) and the Riley the Little Aviator series (Riley and the Grumpy Wombat: A journey around Melbourne, Ford Street Publishing 2011). She is also an established magazine writer, editor and blogger. Tania is fascinated by history. She studied modern history as part of her university studies and is an avid reader of history books. She lives in Canberra with a husband, two kids and a mountain of books.

For further information contact Maureen Brooks at the National Library on (02) 6262 1594.

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