Freak Street- Meet the Vampiresons.

Author/Illustrator- Knife & Packer

Publisher- Scholastic


ISBN- 978-1-74169-917-3
RRP- $10.99
Date of publication Feb 2012
Reviewer – Kerrin Bagshaw
Meet the Vampiresons, Mrs Vampireson, who is a very well-known dentist for all creatures big and small. Mr Vampireson, who takes pride in his garden. Vonda, who is the eldest daughter, loves to cook and has a dream of one day being a well know chef. Vinni, who is the youngest son, is still learning to fly like his dad, and of course baby Vavavoom.
Although Meet the Vampiresons is quite a long novel, I really enjoyed the story and the way the book has been presented. It is very imaginative and witty in regards to both the storyline and the illustrations that flow from one page to another.
The part that got me chuckling would have to be the shark that is waiting for a new set of false teeth as he is quite elderly. The pictures are just classic and funny to see a shark with just bare gums.
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