What Would Jesus Drive?

By: Paul Clark

Illustrated By: Graham Preston

Wombat Books

ISBN: 9781921633713
Format: Paperback
Age Range: 3-5
Reviewed by Kylie Calwell
It is Palm Sunday in the church car park and the cars have noticed their owners are dressed funny. They want to know what is going on. Old Mr T tells them the humans are celebrating the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The cars then try to decide what Jesus would have driven if there were cars.
This is part of the Car Park Parable Series. These mini books take bible parables and rewrite them in a car setting. They are simple stories told a little differently than traditionally. The accompanying illustrations are simple, in muted colours, and perhaps even a little dull in comparison to other things that compete to grab and hold a child’s attention. If you have a youngster who likes cars and you want to share bible stories with them but can’t seem to hold their attention then maybe have a look at these.
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