Billy’s Boatshed 1&2

Aimee Atkins

Random House



Billy’s Boatshed: MJ Saves the Day



4 + years

Reviewed by Rachel Mason


The first book in the Billy’s Boatshed series is called MJ Saves the Day.

Straight away you notice the bright and eye-catching illustrations, which helps tell the story about Billy and Lilly and their special sea-side friends, who include Pauly The Pelican,Sparky the speedboat and MJ the sailing boat.

Billy and Lilly decide to take Sparky the speedboat over to Barnacle Bay to watch the baby sea turtles hatch, but when it comes time for Sparky to take them home again, he runs into a spot of bother. Jumping Knots! How is Sparky going to get Billy and Lilly home now? luckily MJ the sailboat comes to the rescue and shows just how valuable a wind powered boat can be !


With a whole lot of Aussie words which make you feel quite familiar with the characters and places, this delightful little story will entertain any young child, and even educate them a little bit along the way. Overall, it was a really fun book!





Billy’s Boatshed – The Project



4+ years

Reviewed by Rachel Mason


The Project, is the title of the second book in the Billy’s Boatshed series. Yet again, the bright colourful illustrations appeal to the eye ,making it really easy to get the children’s attention and make them want to look at each page as you read to them the story about Billy and Lilly and their seaside friends.

In this story, We see Billy try to come up with some fantastic ideas for a new invention. His invention starts off as a glass bottomed boat, but becomes a whole lot more, as each friend requires help with something else along the way.

The best thing about this book, is how it gets the young ones minds active, and gets them thinking about different inventions they could make to help their own friends.

Another lovely book which we all enjoyed a lot!

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