Callan the Chameleon

Linda Brooks



4+ years

Callan is different. The other children look at him funny. Callan is good at numbers and he likes music. He doesn’t like noisy laughing or loud voices. One day a new teacher comes to school. She spoke softly and played guitar. Callan likes his new teacher. Music is the piece missing from Callan’s life.

Written by Linda Brooks, author of  I’m Not Broken, I’m Just Different is an authority on what life is like for a child like Callan. She understands better than most as she is raising a son just like Callan and her journey as a parent has sent her searching for answers. If your life is centred around a child with autism spectrum disorder or similar I highly recommend you get your hands on both I’m Not Broken, I’m just Different and Callan the Chameleon. One for you and one for your child. It is ok to be different but it can make life hard. Maybe this will help you find what fits. Every lock has a key.


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