Kick it to me

Neridah McMullin

Scholastic Australia

ISBN: 9780980794861

March 2012

10+ years (but may be enjoyed by much younger)

Reviewed by Angela Hall



…One of the things that has stood the test of time, certainly over the last 150 years or so is our fascination with one of our few truly indigenous inventions, the game of Australian Rules Football or as some believe the adaptation of the ancient aboriginal game of Marn Grook.

“Kick it to me!” a cry heard through generation, from the red dust of the outback to the asphalt school yards of the inner city, to the hallowed turf of the MCG on Grand Final Day, transports us to another time and place but resonates to this very day, where game is all that matters and having a kick with your mates is the most important thing in the world.

An excerpt from the foreword by Eddie McGuire.

Tom loves cricket but the season has come to an end. Jirra knows a great game that he can play in the off-season though.

“C’mon we’ll teach you how to play.”

The aboriginal children are kicking a ball. Tom can’t believe his eyes when he see’s how high and far they can kick it, ad when Balun jumps up onto Jirra’s back to mark the ball he is amazed. He is drawn into the fast paced exciting game and enjoys laughing and playing with the other boys while he learns this new game.

“It’s called Marn-Grook, Brother.”

For Tom, a new season has begun.

Tom Wills was one of the most important Australian sportsmen of his time. Tom was the first hero of Australian Rules football helping to shape its rules. In a country seeking independence, he was a key figure in the creation of this indigenous sport.

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