Sam the Cat

Sam Bowring

Andrew McLean

Working Title Press

distributed by Penguin

ISBN: 9781921504297

5+ years

March 2012

$24.95 (Hard Cover)

Reviewed by Angela Hall


Sam considers himself the glue that holds the household together. He makes sure Ian fixes the fence properly and Jane prunes the passion fruit vine. He starts to notice Jane is getting fatter. He tells her that she is eating too many mice but she thinks he is asking for his dinner.

“It’s hard to complain when your mouth is full.”

Then one day after Jane has been away for a couple of days she arrives home with a baby. The baby doesn’t yet have a name though and after much discussion Ian and Jane realise they have already given their favourite name to the cat.

Looks like Sam needs a new name! So, he is re-named Jack, but he isn’t at all happy about it.


This is a lovely true story told from a cats perspective. New babies often ruffle the feathers of siblings or pets when they arrive on the scene. This is a heart-warming tale about a growing family and their special cat Sam...Jack…Captain Boldwhiskers, Explorer Extrodinaire.

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