Show Day

Penny Matthews

Andrew McLean

Omnibus Books

ISBN: 9781862916890


4+ years

Reviewed by Angela Hall.


Do you remember that excited feeling when you wake up in the morning on show day. Did you enter any competitions? This family did, so it is up early to get Goldie the cow ready, pack the prize-winning marmalade, the big pumpkin, jams, cakes, the rooster and Bart the guinea pig.

Smell the pop corn (and the animal poo). and visit the art and craft displays. Cross your fingers and toes and hope that maybe your entires into the competition have a big blue ribbon.

There is so much to see and do on show day!

Can you guess what most unusual pet won first prize? It is a secret till the very end.


Show Day is companion book to the classic A Year on Our Farm.

A lovely taste of country life the day the show comes to town.


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