Wee on a Jellyfish Sting and other fibs that simply aren’t true!

Tracey Turner

Scholastic Australia

ISBN: 9781741699784

8+ Years

January 2012


Reviewed by Angela Hall


If you happen to know any kids who like to be full of fun facts and truths no one else knows, this is a book you need to get your hands on!

This entertaining book is full of real truths. It squashes myths and fables, unravells well known wives tales and disintergrates blatent lies we all thought were fact.

Here are a couple of myths that get busted:

  • Saint Patrick was Irish.
  • Quicksand sucks you into a deep hole.
  • Piranha will quickly reduce an animal to a skeleton.
  • Boomerangs originated in Australia.

So, you don’t believe that these are myth do you? You better go get yourself a copy of this book.


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