Archie’s Letter – An Anzac Day Story

Martin Flanagan – Author

Ainsley Walters – Illustrator

One Day Hill Publishers Australia

Price : $19.99
Ages: 8 +
Type: Picture Books
ISBN 9780980794878
Reviewed by Angela Hall.

A book which explains Anzac Day to a new generation.


A 96-year-old man in Hobart who was a returned soldier wrote a letter to the local paper to say thank you to those attending the dawn service. This is Archie’s story.


I have always found it fascinating to sit beside an elderly person and listen to them talk about their life. As the world used to be, what their eyes have seen, what they have never forgotten because it left a mark on their soul. This book is just like that. I can imagine Archie beside me as I read.

Archie’s experiences included being sent to the middle east, fighting the Japanese in Java and being one of Sir “Weary” Dunlop’s men.  When Archie eventually returned home after all he had been through he married, had children and became a school principal. Archie did not let his experiences make him bitter and perhaps he saw things different from others after his experiences. What became important to him was not ones race or religion, wealth or class but ones humanity and compassion. Archie’s Letter is a story that will make you cherish more that which is really important and be deeply proud of our Anzacs.

To Archie and those just like him,

Thank you.



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