The Red Poppy


David Hill – Author

Fifi Colston – Illustrator

Rob Kennedy – Song/CD


Price : $26.99
Ages: 6 +
Type: Hardback Picture Books
ISBN 9781869439989

Reviewed by Angela Hall

I would particularly recommend this story for children. It has beautiful illustrations which capture both the harsh reality and also the humanity and compassion. The focus of the story is a small dog who catches rats and delivers messages, and a young soldier called Jim.  Jim finds himself in the middle of a frightening front-line gun fire and exploding rage of roaring noise. He becomes injured, half blind from smoke and dust, half deaf from the chaos he slides into a trench where he finds another young soldier. The other man is also injured.  He is the enemy.  Thanks to Nipper the dog and a red poppy the two young men are able to get help. They also strike up an unlikely camaraderie as the war rages overhead. Both the victims of a frightening and cruel war they discover they have more in common then they have differences.


CD: The beautiful song is rich with emotion and sentiments.

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