Boy VS Beast – Battle of the Mega-Mutants – Chillterratan

Author; Mac Park

Publisher; Scholastic Australia.

ISBN; 978192168617

RRP; $9.99

Released; March 2012.

Early Reader Fiction

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

Battle of the Mega-Mutants Chillterratan makes for easy reading for children, whilst the pace is fast no doubt the reader can always relate to these books.  Kai Masters is on another adventure and this time in Beatium, captured beasts have escaped from the outlands and they are now Mega Mutants! Kai has to build a team but who will he choose? He needs the right battle partner to defend the Mega-Mutants. Will Kai and Will know how to battle these mutants? Like other books in the series the battle is ongoing and children love this conflict, mixed with humour and characters they relate to, it will be an enjoyable read!

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