Ghost Club – The New Kid

Deborah Abela

Random House Australia

ISBN: 9781742750804
RRP: $15.95
Published: 01/03/2012
Middle Grade Children’s

Reviewed by Angela Hall

If you think ghosts you may think of the scary variety with clinking chains and ill will towards all living people. Dylan does; the new kid in the ghost club. He isn’t entirely wrong either, though he does meet a few that are friendly and almost overly helpful. How on earth is he going to learn how to capture ghosts if he keeps hyperventilating? Lucky for him Angeline and Edgar – despite their age – are quite old hands at the ghost business and are there to help show him the ropes. Dylan doesn’t seem at all suited to the job when even the creepy looking alive people scare him nearly to death. Will his first job be his last? The ghost of Castle Koszmar is not at all keen on their presence in the castle.

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