In the Beech Forest

Gary Crew and Den Scheer

Ford Street Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-921665-57-8

Hard Cover

Picture Book

10+ years

Reviewed by Angela Hall

In the Beech Forest is hauntingly beautiful. It reaches into the imagination of a wandering boy – who as he walks – is overcome by those feelings one has when surrounded by natural wonders such as an ancient beech forest. Forests are deep and still, they evoke feelings of awe. What secrets does this forest hold? With images in his mind of wild fantasies from his computer games where beasts lurk and warriors are slain he imagines; movement, noise. Is he alone? Is the forest speaking to him?

This picture book is like the forest it tells of; deep and rich. Though the story is not complex and the illustrations are black and white it contains quite a lot to think about. The imaginings are carried along by the illustrations by Den Scheer, who brings life to those things you don’t quite see out the corner of your eye darting through the shadows.

There are immense feelings in this story which have been so perfectly spilled from the mind of Gary Crew. He must have spent a great deal of time absorbing the power and beauty of nature’s forests, feeling it breath and watching it unfold into imagined beasts and mystical beings.

Another amazing book from Ford Street Publishing.

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