Muncle Trogg and the Flying Donkey

Author; Janet Foxley

Illustrated by Steve Wells

Published by Scholastic

ISBN; 9781906427955

RRP $12.99

7 + years

Released April 2012.

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin. BA-UNE

This is the second Muncle Trogg book I have read and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! Muncle is once again on a mission, he needs to evacuate everyone because their volcano is about to erupt and create all sorts of havoc but Muncle thinks no one will listen to him. Who would listen to a tiny giant? However he has a brilliant idea, he knows the giants won’t listen to him but they will listen to a Wonder Donkey! Along with his friend Emily and her donkey suit they set about to find a Wonder Donkey. This particular book is full of great scenes, giants training their dragons being one of them. Muncle once again manages to take the reader on a great adventure full of fantasy with his loyal friend Emily who not only is willing to help him but risks her own life to save him! I loved the part where Emily asks Muncle ‘what he is doing’? To which he simply replies, ‘asking the Wonder Donkey to work a wonder and save us from the volcano.’

A fun book for ages 7+ and for any child who loves fantasy and adventure. Janet Foxley has out done herself once again with a story that children can relate to and lose themselves in along with funny illustrations. Highly recommended and an enjoyable read!

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