Shadow Runner

Daniel Blythe

Chicken House

Age: 10+
ISBN: 978-1-906427-80-1
Publication date: February 2012

Reviewed by Kelly McDonald

Twelve year old Miranda has just moved to a little seaside town with her mum, and baby brother . It seems to be just the place where nothing ever happens. But things DO happen, strange unexplainable things. Miranda is sucked in to an extraordinary life chasing shadows, or is it the shadows which are chasing Miranda? Torn between her friendship with outsider, Jade, and the somewhat strange group of friends who seemed to have adopted her for their own uses, Miranda is not sure at all who to trust

Daniel Blythe has written a fast paced paranormal read that will have you searching in the shadows for any danger lurking nearby. With a great cast of characters, and a fabulous storyline, this book will capture the imaginations of all who dare to flip through its pages. I totally enjoyed it. It had a very unique and fresh writing style. I loved Jade’s mannerisms and speech, and the witty banter between Miranda and all her friends. Each one of the characters leapt out of the pages and became real in my mind. I just had to keep reading to find out what, or who, it was lurking in the Shadows.


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