Spell Sisters

Author; Amber Castle

Illustrator; Mary Hall

Simon and Schuster

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Age, 7+

$9.99 ea

Reviewed by Kelly McDonald


Eleven year old Gwen is a bit of a tomboy. Where she lives, a girl is meant to be lady like, and demur, and keep clean and not like adventures. But Gwen loves beating the young pages in archery, and outwitting them when she can, and likes nothing more than going on wonderful adventures and being daring.

Her life is changed dramatically when she pulls a magical necklace out of a rock, and is then summoned by the beautiful lady of the lake. She tells Gwen of the dangerous and evil Morgana La Fey, and how she is plotting to take over the magical Island of Avalon. Morgana has her sisters trapped, and plans to take Avalon for herself.  The lady of the lake sets Gwen on a quest to save them. Gwen, with the help of her cousin, and a beautiful magical horse named Moonlight, set off to do so, one by one, but they must do it quick before they run out of time.

These books are deliciously lovely, with just the right amount of magic, myth, evilness and adventure. As a huge fan of the Arthurian legends, I was simply delighted with these enchanting tales. Each story sets the girls off on a quest to free one of the sisters from the Island of Avalon. Each time they must think and outwit the evil Morgana.  Can Gwen and her cousin Flora save each one before time runs out, and Morgana la Fey takes control of the beautiful magical Island?

I loved the little activities at the end of each book, and the Spell Sisters website looks to be full of fabulous fun. Each book comes with a sheet of stickers.

A fresh and new take on a wonderful mystical legend.


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