Patrick Carman

Chicken house



January 2012

Reviewed by Kelly McDonald

I loved this book. Love love loved it. It is going on the shelf for my now five year old to wait until he is about, hmmm, maybe seven I believe.

Leo is the caretaker’s son at The Whippet, which is a very unusual hotel. There is hidden doors, strange rooms, ducks, lots of ducks, a loveable old inventor, and four extremely amazing and special boxes. The hotel is falling apart, and the wonderful Mr Merganzer, owner of the Whippet, has gone missing! Ten year old Leo has to save the hotel from doom. Can he straighten out all the ghastly problems, find the four amazing boxes and solve their puzzles?

This story was packed with inventions, amazing adventures, fabulous characters and was just… words fail me… AMAZING. I loved it.

Perfect for ages 7 to adult I believe.

Don’t forget to bring a duck along for the ride. Just in case! You never know when a duck might come in handy.

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