Author; Christopher Paolini

Publisher; random House

ISBN; 978 0385 616508

RRP; $29.95

Release date; 9 November 2011

Genre; YA Fiction

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin.

‘It began with Eragon…It ends with Inheritance.’ Perhaps I should have begun with Eragon and everything in between, I found myself a little lost, even with Paolini’s history of the prior three novels. Defiantly not a stand-alone book

Inheritance begins with an epic battle, seeing Eragon, Saphira and Arya fighting at the front line, with force and magic alike, to stop Gallbtorix’s plans to rule the world.

We are introduced to new monsters, such as Barst, the self-mutilating monks and priests of Helgrind and the gruesome burrow-grubs. Paolini has written another plot driven story, which embraces self-awareness and is a journey of Eragons coming of age. With new villains, there are also new heroes, including some new elves, magicians, even werecats.

Fans of the ‘Inheritance cycle’ will not be disappointed. Paolini has left only a few loose ends and has created yet another detailed, magical, fascinating story of his world.

Characters will charm and surprise readers and a plot that will keep fans turning pages late into the night.

Inheritance will close a chapter in Paolini’s young writing career, I’m sure fans will be eager to see what this author will create next!

A novel which is suitable for children teenagers and adults alike. This reviewer is going to start back at the beginning and catch up on this epic Quartet!



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