The Runes of Ire

Adventure One of The Mathemagicians of Yore.

By Stephen Anastasi

Morris Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9872444-2-0
FORMAT: Paperback 203 x 127.
RRP: $17.95.
PUB DATE: April 2012.
CATEGORY: Fantasy Fiction.
AUDIENCE: Children 8 – 16

Reviewed by Angela Hall.

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been lately. With nary a tweet or a status update. The explanation is  a lot more complicated than it seems. I have been in Yore.

The Runes of Ire is a wonderful story which I can liken in some ways to Harry Potter. Garney however is not like Harry Potter. Garney Barnicoat doesn’t do well at school, he isn’t very successful at…anything. His father has gone missing and his school grades are a disaster.   Garney Barnicoat however has much to learn about his mysterious family’s past  and as he is coming into his twelfth he starts to embark on a Barnicoat right of passage. He moves into the family estate known as Two Rooms which is a house filled with magic and mystery. But only if you know how to look for it. It isn’t long before Garney and his cousin Eldeth find themselves on an adventure from which they may not be able to return. Where dimensions are different, hidden realms become exposed and mythical creatures abound.

Like Garney and Eldeth who find themselves on the other-side of the universe I too have fallen victim to the enchantment written by Stephen Anastasi, trapped inside an un-put-down-able book.

A great read!


Stay tuned in the not too distant future for the review of The Druid also by Stephen Anastasi. I can hardly wait!!


What do you think?

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