Animal Rescue Tiger Tangle

Jackie French

Illustrator; Terry Whildborne

Scholastic Australia

RRP; $9.99

Release date;  May 2012.

ISBN; 978142833835

Market; Primary school children.


Jackie French has done it again! Made an otherwise dreary tale about an animal rescue exciting! This time it involves Glam Rock a famous rock star and his tame Tiger. Leo and Mozz are watching television when Glam Rock and his tiger come on, apparently Glam helps to save Siberian tigers from extinction and his tiger is part of that breeding program. However Leo can’t understand why the tiger is on stage with him and part of his show. As Leo watches the tiger’s antics he is convinced that the tiger is crying out for help and the fast paced adventure begins.

Chapter Nine ‘Caught’ is my favourite, Leo has an altercation with Glam and a cattle prod whilst Mozz pounces on Glam’s back shrieking and trying to stop him from hurting Leo. Eventually the timid tiger saves them and they fly the tiger off to the Run Nature Park where for the first time the tiger feels that it is home where it lets out an almighty roar showing how satisfied he is to be away from Glam

Once again the characters are believable the dialogue is fast and it is an adventure every child would love to read! An added bonus is the Notes on Siberian Tigers in the back of the book which could be good information for a school project. Did you know Siberian Tigers stay with their mothers until they are two to three years old! I didn’t. This animal rescue book like the rest is adventurous and educational, a worthwhile buy!

What do you think?

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