RSPCA Animal Tales Series (Books 1 to 4)

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Million Paws Puppy – Chris Kunz

ISBN; 9781742753263

Double Trouble – Helen Kelly

ISBN; 9781742753300

Ruby’s Misadventure – Helen Kelly

ISBN; 9781742753287

An unexpected Arrival – Jess Black

ISBN; 9781742753324

Random House

RRP; $9.95ea

Audience; Primary school Children

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

It doesn’t matter what type of animal is your personal favourite whether it be a dog, cat, horse or Guinean pig  Animal Tales have a story to suit your own preference. Animal Tales are obviously written to a winning formula and each book contains facts that are very interesting such as ‘Poops Service’ or approved Farming. These facts allow us to read about the best places to get our eggs, where chickens are looked after properly among other things. An Unexpected Arrival is a wonderful story; Cassie and Ben go with Ben’s dad who’s a vet to check animals are being cared for when an unexpected arrival occurs. I won’t spoil the surprise but it is a good one! Although relatively simple storylines they are easy to read and with only 70 odd pages a lot has been packed into them.

My favourite would have to be The Million Paws Puppy, this time Cassie and her dog Ripper are on another adventure, when Ben her new neighbor moves in with his dog and Cassie wants to be his friend. The four of them take part in a fundraiser and this is where a naughty puppy creates havoc and needs rounding up.

Double Trouble as the name suggests is full of trouble as two cute terriers need to be baby sat. Ben is happy to help out as he loves animals except the two naughty dogs get into all sorts of strife and he needs Cassie’s help to keep them under control, this tale had me chuckling at their antics especially when the puppies eat Ben’s rainforest project!

For anyone who loves cats ‘Ruby’s Adventure’ is for you! Whilst Cassie and her friend Sarah babysit Sarah’s cat Ruby while her parents go away, Ruby becomes very unwell. The girls take her to the vet Dr Joe but the desperately  need to find out what made her sick in the first place before time runs out and so the adventure begins. Can thy help Ruby in time and find the source. This is a thrilling story especially when they find that pollen was the culprit!

I love the RSPCA Animal Tales books they are fun, informative and an easy read. Children would be delighted to read the adventures Cassie and Ben have with animals.

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