The Mapmaker’s Apprentice

Author; Peter Cooper

Omnibus books for Scholastic Australia

ISBN; 9781862919303

RRP; $12.99

Release; May 2012

Genre; YA Fiction

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin.

We welcome back Dillen, Koto and Tajni in an exciting new mission in Book 2 of ‘Tales of the Blue Jade’. (See book 1)

Mapmaker Master Liao seeks an apprentice, Dillen and a group of competing boys must complete the dangerous task the Mapmaker has set. A journey through the mountain pass is hard enough but with bandits and a nian master blocking the way, Dillen Koto and Tajni begin a quest that is much, much more than they bargained for.

Once again Cooper has captured the reader’s imagination and their heat, familiar characters leap of the page and new characters tweak the reader’s interest.

The Mapmaker’s Apprentice weaves together themes of courage, friendship, overcoming hardship and commonsense together, resulting in yet another spectacular book in this anticipated series. Twists and turns within the plot keep young readers turning the pages hungrily to see what Dillen and his friends will face next.

Overall a stunning story, Cooper does not disappoint. A highly recommended read for younger and older readers alike. 10/10!

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