Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness

Karen Tyrrell

ISBN: 9780987274007

RRP: $15.95

Genre/Key Words: Memoir, Mental Health, Bi-polar.

Reviewer: Angela Hall

Karen Tyrrell has shown an amazing strength through sharing her story about “the elephant of mental illness in the room”.  This book will break down barriers of understanding for those whose lives are affected by mental illness by either having the scary diagnosis or the friend or family member who has.

Karen’s story takes you back to the beginning when it all started to manifest. Her struggle to understand ‘Herself’ and deal with the issues presented to her. Mental illness is not something that affects one person and Karen has bravely included in her story how it has changed her relationships, her family and her work life.

Karen Tyrrell’s roller-coaster ride of hyper mania and the insanity of ‘Her’, followed by the climb back to ‘normality’ is a tale that must be read. The brutal honesty of Karen’s words are very touching, she has not sugar-coated anything.  You can really feel the crazy rush of feelings she had to contend with in this realistic look into the confusing world of Me & Her making this a disturbingly addictive read.

What a raw and touching  journey!


  1. karenwrites19

    YAY!! Thanks so much for this fabulous 5 Star Review of ME & HER.
    I appreciate your support and understanding of my illness and my journey.of Recovery. Hope your review encourages others to read ME & HER and gain insight into mania and madness ….and HOW to recover… Karen 🙂

  2. Bug in a Book

    Hi Karen, thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for supporting us here as well! Very best with your writing.

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