Pop Hoopers Perfect Pet Series

Kyle Mewburn

Heath McKenzie

Little Hare Books

ISBN: 1) 9781921272752  2) 9781921272769  3) 9781921541391  4) 1921541237

RRP: $9.99 ea

Age Group: 5+

Date of Publication: April 2011

Reviewer: Angela Hall

Sometimes when you want something you imagine it will be exactly what you need.  Exactly the thing to fit your life and solve your problems. Often that is in fact not the case at all.  As the old song goes “You can’t always get what you want – but you just might find you get what you need.”

Pop Hooper is a bit unusual. A bit eccentric. A bit odd you might say. You may even say a bit magical. I say Pop Hooper is pretty amazing. He drives a huge, colourful, noisy truck to town at just the right time (Almost like he knows something.) and manages to draw in a certain child who is in desperate want of a particular pet. Luckily for the child Pop Hooper just happens to be a menagerie on wheels. Dear old Pop, he aims to please and always has the perfect pet, and all our little want-to-be pet owners have to do is pet sit for awhile while Pop organises their perfect pet. But oh boy! The pets the children have to look after are not at all what they want… or are they?

I adore this very clever and fun little series and I hope that if you have little pet lovers you get yourself a copy of each of the 4 books in the series. My daughter is already enjoying having these books read to her and they are perfect for independent readers.  I love the characters, the fun stories and mischief captured by both Kyle Mewburn and Heath McKenzie.

A recommended series!

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