Brotherband – The Invaders #2

John Flanagan

Random House

ISBN: 9781741664508

RRP: $17.95

Date of Publication: 1/5/2012

reviewed by Cassandra Griffin.

Once again we join Hal and his Heron Brotherband as they chase after the pirates that stole their precious Andomal, with Thorn along for the ride. Hal must not fail or his Brotherband will be disbanded and a disgrace.

Flanagan sets a fast pace adventure around our group of young heroes, with new enemies and new allies on the way. With strong messages centered on friendship, self-confidence and determination. The Invaders will leave readers hungry for more from this old Skandian World.

Will Hal catch the pursued pirates Zavac? If the Herons catch up to the Raven, will they be able to fight the dozens of pirates to retrieve their city’s treasure? Or will the Wolfwind catch up with the Heron and take them home for their punishment?

With all these questions Hal and his young Brotherband will discover the answers on this brazen quest to prove their integrity and worth among their people. A great read!

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