Black Fella White Fella


Neil Murray

One Day Hill, distributed by Scholastic Australia

Publication; July2012.

ISBN; 9780 980794892

Age; 8+


RRP. $19.99

Illustrated by students around Australia.

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

‘Black fella White fella’ is one of those books that have one smiling. It is an innovative idea based on a song that came to the author in 1982 when living in Papunya; he was a white fella living amongst black fellas. It is a very simple concept,’ it doesn’t matter what the colour of one’s skin is; we all need to get along.’ The illustrations by children throughout Australia are vibrant and rich in-depth. This unique story (song) will encourage future generations to not necessarily look at the colour of skin, just lend a hand and all get along together.

I did find the price of ‘Black fella White fella’ expensive however a percentage of the profits raised from its sale will go to Ian Thorpe’s ‘Fountain of Youth’ towards art and literacy projects.

An excellent purchase for children as a gift and a fun learning experience.


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