Boy vs. Beast – Battle of the Mega-Mutants – Aquamaxitor

Mac Park

Lemon Fizz Scholastic.

ISBN: 9781921931178

RRP: $9.99

Age: 6+

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

Kai Masters has his hands full in this chapter book, beasts have escaped back into Beastium and Kai needs the help of Border Guard Ying Li and her robotic cat! Something strange is happening and will Kai and Ying Li be able to stop it? With yellow toxic mud, rock bombing hawks and a massive bunch of flying toxic jellyfish Kai and his Border Guard are in trouble. ‘Aquamaxitor’ is very fast paced and I believe this chapter book will become a favourite amongst young readers it has everything from mud to strange beasts a robotic cat! These series of books are a wonderful resource for young children struggling to read, the text is large and the sentences although well-structured are simple and short. Boys vs. Beasts   series would make a wonderful addition to any school library. *** rating.

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