Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (sort of)

L. Pichon


RRP: $15.99

Release date: June 2012.

ISBN: 9781407124414

Ages: 8+

Reviewed by Jeremy Griffin (Age 11 years.)

‘Tom Gate’s is a very funny book and he is always doing stuff that gets him into trouble or is funny. Even the pictures are funny. When his teacher Mr. Sprocket was showing them how to dance he sort of got tangled up and needed an ambulance to take him to hospital it was so cool! Tom gates also tries to con his teacher by telling him he has written out a lot of pages, just in case his teacher was going to give out any prizes!   Tom Gates in Everything’s Amazing is a book kids my age and anyone over the age of ten would laugh at. You should buy it because it is so funny. I loved it but it does take a long time to read it has about 400 pages which is a lot!

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