Operation Trinity

Cahill Files bk 1

Clifford Riley


ISBN: 9780545431439

RRP: 13.99

Age: 8+

Key Words: Adventure, History, Action

Published: 8th May 2012

Reviewed By: Kylie Calwell

A coveted work of art has been hunted by the Vespers and protected by the Cahills for hundreds of years. Van Eyck’s altarpiece has been the target of a record number of theft attempts.

Young Matheus is sent to serve as an altar boy at Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent, he didn’t expect anything like this to happen with his life, nor did he think his mother’s family safeguarded a huge secret. When the unrest spreads Matheus discovers he has been selected by his mother to protect the altarpiece and though it costs him he does his duty.

Then we follow the artwork to WW2 where the Nazi’s are being used to take the altarpiece and this time it is young Grace’s responsibility to save the masterpiece. This is a task she will do more than once in her lifetime and not just from the Vespers but also from members of different Cahill family branches.

This is a fun addition and a stand alone volume that throws a little more history at us. It is also a great way to give us a little more insight to Grace – who is such a fascinating character. An action packed book broken up into smaller stories. This is great as a filler for 39 Clues fans waiting for the next installment.


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