1001 Aussie Crack-Ups


Author; inspired by Daniel Staunton a Camp Quality child.

Publisher; Scholastic Australia.

RRP; $9.99

Release Date; August 2012.

Market; Any age.

ISBN; 978142833194

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin. BA-UNE.


What an absolute joke this book is! Laughter is a key ingredient in one’s well-being and this book full of funny and sometimes stupid jokes does just that! Did you know that if you laugh 100 times a day it is equivalent to the same amount of exercise from 15 minutes jogging or rowing! Monies raised from this joke book go towards funding different programs within Camp Quality. Everyone deserves to laugh and it helps all the sick children out there to have a good laugh. Also if you have a funny joke Camp Quality would love to hear it details are in the book.

There are a range of different jokes within each chapter and my personal favourite chapter is ‘Howzat! Champions of Sport.’ Why is Cinderella the worst sportsperson in the world? Because she has a pumpkin for a coach! Great book and if you need a laugh go and buy it and help a good cause. There is nothing like good old-fashioned Aussie humour to get one chuckling!


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