Brave Heart-Lessons Learnt from Life

Brett & Hayley S. Kirk

Random House Australia


RRP: $24.95

Publication Date: 1st August 2012

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin


Brave Heart is an inspiration glimpse into the life of Australian footballer Brett Kirk. With the help of his wife, Hayley S. Kirk, Brett has given access to the highs, lows and very lows of his life and his sporting career.

Sharing details from losing his mentor, meeting the Dalai Lama, the support of his wife and family, leaving his AFL Team the Swans behind and learning the tough lessons from life.

With co-writing this autobiography the Kirk’s hope to inspire, challenge and motivate the reader to find out who they really are and where their path in life leads.

Brave Heart includes journal extracts, helpful life advice, wisdom from the Kirk’s close friends, and family photos. this book is not only for the AFL of Swans Fans. This inspiring motivational story is for anyone that needs a little push to find the right path at the crossroads of life.

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