Nerdy Ninjas VS The Really Really Bad Guys

Author; Shogun Whamhower

Illustrator; Heath McKenzie

Publisher; Scholastic Press

Release Date; July 2012

RRP $9.99

ISBN; 9781742830261

Market; Primary School Age.

Reviewed By Jeremy Griffin. Age 11.


This is such a cool book. Four friends decide to become Ninjas because the bullies think they are too nerdy to pick on them. Its Veejays idea because he’s the one who gets cranky that they won’t pick on him, so Ben, Jake and Pongo help with his plan. Everyone else thinks they are nerds just because they play music and are interested in other stuff, but that stuff is what helps them to become Ninjas and the bully better watch out! It is a really funny book and I like Jake best because he makes all kinds of weird things like a wheelchair that he souped up and flames came out of the back when it took off and hit a fence it was so funny. At the end its funny because they catch a thief who wants to be a ballerina! Good book for boys my age.

What do you think?

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