The Second Forever

Colin Thompson

Random House Australia


RRP: $15.95

Publication Date: 2nd July 2012

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin.

‘The Second Forever’ takes readers back to Peter’s and Festival’s Worlds after they destroyed the book ‘How to live Forever’ five years prior. At the time neither child could fathom the consequences they face for saving both their worlds.

Peter’s world is suffocating in dust, and rain is long forgotten.  Plants and animals are dying and humanity is losing hope in the worst drought the earth has ever seen. Meanwhile Festival’s world is raining non-stop and her world has a ceiling!! Everyone is going to drown.

Unless Peter and Festival can recreate the immortal book ‘How to Live Forever’, returning balance to both Worlds and keep the dreaded book out of Darkwoods or anyone’s hands.

Thompson creates two magical Worlds, our World and A World within our World. A sequel to his award-winning How to Live Forever’, readers are introduced to teenage Peter and Festival, who have not seen each other in five long years. Not only do they have to save their Worlds again, they also have to overcome an odd shyness and blossoming new emotions.

This fast paced story touches on the subjects of courage, trust, good and evil, friendship and coming of age, all intertwined together to fashion a highly enjoyable story.

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