Bindi Behind the Scenes- A Guest Appearance

Author; Jess Black

Publisher; Random House

Release Date; 2 July 2012.

ISNB; 9781864718423

RRP $12.95

Marker- Confident Readers.

Reviewer: Vicki Griffin


I have read a lot of the Bindi series and especially books written by Jess Black however I found ‘Bindi Behind The Scenes’ didn’t grab my attention like the rest of the ‘Bindi books. This time Bindi is off for a special appearance in the US for a TV show ‘Riding High’. Bindi discovers that the other teenagers of the show Taylor, Savannah and Andrew seem to have it all, but money can’t buy happiness. Even though the moral of the story comes through strongly I found parts of the storyline to be quite flat. Even though Bindi can see that things are not the way they appear she gets to show her own values in a fashion show. She stands up for what she believes in and what she stands for which is positive reinforcement for young girls reading the series.

The Chapter; ‘Stuart Led Bindi Down’ was interesting and true to form for any young readers who want to know what goes on behind the scenes, the rehearsing of dialogue and the reference to ‘Aussies’ all flowed smoothly.  Chapter 11 , sees Bindi, Savannah and Taylor in the Green Room where Savannah lets the cat out of the bag and tells everyone who Bindi really is ; The Crocodile Hunter’s daughter! They talk about Oprah and other familiar names of people Bindi has met and are very impressed. Bindi has made new friends for life , remains grounded by her family’s influences and does not let her celebrity status go to her head. Overall a mediocre read, not at all what I was expecting.

I did not find this book as fast paced and exciting as previous books in the series which was disappointing. My star rating for ‘Bindi Behind The scenes’ is 2 stars.

What do you think?

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