Darcy Dugan with Michael Tatlow

Published by Harper Collins Australia

Released 1st August 2012.

ISBN: 9780732295523

RRP: $29.99

Reviewer: Vicki Griffin

I think everyone in Australia knows the name ‘Darcy Dugan’ and now that all his enemies are gone Australia’s most notorious escape artist can finally tell his story. This book exposes high levels of political and police corruption in NSW in the late 1900’s. Dugan a career robber escaped from inescapable jails six times and the name Bloodhouse is the nickname of the brutal Grafton jail where Dugan spent eleven years of torture! Michael Tatlow in writing this book was keeping a promise to Dugan to withhold the manuscript until the last corrupt enemies had gone. Most of the book however is written by Dugan with notes he smuggled out to the then journalist Michael Tatlow who has written the final chapters. It also includes letters written to Michael from Dugan whilst in prison.

A disturbing book but well worth the read, anyone who has an interest in Australia and its colourful history will love ‘Bloodhouse.’

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