Gertie the witch

Author; Valerie Thomas

Illustrator; Janet Wolf

New frontier Publishing

Market; 7+

ISBN; 9781921928222

RRP $12.95

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

‘Gertie the Witch’ is part of  ‘The Little Rocket Series’ and is fast paced!

Like book 1, ‘Gertie Gets it Right’ both books are basically a fantasy that is funny, filled with spells that go wrong, adventure and great dialogue! Who doesn’t want to be a young witch! Gertie born from a long line of witches seems to turn every spell into a disaster – she just can’t get it right which causes her many problems.
This time the postman’s children are not happy after Gertie turned their father into a pig! During the course of the story and many threats by Gertie to turn children into ducks, snails and anything else she can think off; Gertie and her friend Suzie look into a crystal ball and what they see is an ‘ordinary girl’ stealing Gertie’s ‘Book of Spells.’ After Gertie receives an ultimatum to get her book back or else, Gertie decides that she has another plan to get her book back.


This is an entertaining book, throw in a few spells, some magic potions, a pig and you have a formula for success. I found myself chuckling away at different sections within the book and I also found the information regarding the author and illustrator in the back of the book interesting. I would definitely recommend this book and hopefully there will be more adventures of ‘Gertie the Witch’ to come.

What do you think?

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