Be Home for Armageddon

Luke Edwards

Omnibus Books for Scholastic Australia.

Release Date; August 2012.

RRP; $16.99

ISBN; 9781862919419

Reviewed By Vicki Griffin. BA-UNE.


Be Home for Armageddon is a strange yet interesting book. The actual storyline is quite fragmented and seems to be a jumble of everything mixed together from comedy to science.

Victor the main character and Soo believe the end of the world is coming or could it just all be a conspiracy. The opening chapter gets the reader in, especially designed to hook the teenagers.

‘Glancing upwards, he noticed, suspended high overhead, a small, vapour like globe.’

This starts off a chain of events that at times are hard to follow. The story has a mixture of themes from aliens, to black holes, the Internet and science which seems to come across quite predominately.

However it does make one question the different topics for example, is there really black holes and what are their purpose? What was the world like before the Internet? Is worldwide communication a good or bad thing as far as conspiracy theories go?

Be Home for Armageddon’ is a good story if the reader can unscramble the jumble of topics mixed with science. It is not my cup of tea but I can see why teenagers would especially like this book and the character Victor; he is believable and at times plain loopy! 3 Star rating.

What do you think?

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