Catherine Bateson

Omnibus books for Scholastic Australia

RRP; $16.99

Release date; August 2012.

ISBN; 9781862919815

Market; primary school children.

Reviewer: Vicki Griffin

‘Star’ is a great read especially for girls! Star the character lives with her mother and a family friend named Charlie, her own father has died and she has to deal with the ups and downs of life. The emotions throughout this story are very real and any young girl will relate to them. Charlie has children from his own broken marriage that Star has to deal with when they visit. They touch her belongings, fight with her and break things and she hates them. She notices her mother getting closer to Charlie and hates her mother and wishes her father was alive! As the storyline progresses we see a lot of changes take place within their family unit. Star thinks no one listens to her and all she wants is to own a horse and write a novel. She hurts her mother’s feelings and then Charlie’s which in turn causes him to move out. She can see her mother is miserable but in the stance of a typical teenager whose emotions are all over the place she doesn’t care.

Charlie comes back on the scene and her mother starts dating him and they make plans to move to another house in a different town, a new school and no friends. Star is horrified at the prospect but eventually everything falls into place after all sorts of dramas and Star suddenly realizes it is the first time she has been truly happy since her father died.

‘Star’ is a wonderful book filled with antics and behavior children will relate to, my own emotions whilst reading this text were mixed from sadness to happiness and disappointment. Congratulations to the author for a well written book that will no doubt be a favourite with young girls! I would give this book 5 stars!

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