Sophie Masson

Scholastic Press

978 1 74283 032 2


July 2012

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin


Hugo Mars, a French teenager, is accompanying his father through Australia. Hugo’s Papa is complying notes on the Gold rush for his friend Mr Jules Verne!

Hugo’s adventure takes an exciting turn of events as their carriage is held up by the Gentleman Bush Ranger!!

Ned Kelly’s Secret is a heart-warming, heart stopping, heart wrenching look into the Australian Gold Rush/ Bush Ranger era.

Hugo Mars is abroad with his father on a research assignment, after leaving the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, his days are becoming dreary. That is until the infamous Harry Power politely robs them for all their valuables. This leads the duo to Benalla where Hugo meets a new friend, a teenage boy whom is mysterious, charming and fiercely loyal. Fifteen year old Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly.

Masson captures the reader’s imagination with a bold historical Australia. Giving a peek into the settler’s lifestyle their dreams, fears and family loyalty, as well as a unique view on Ned Kelly as a child. Themes in this story touch on friendship, loyalty, trust and honesty.

With a target audience directed at young adults, readers can expect page turning suspense, a yarn that will stay in their mind long after the book is closed.


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