Death Cure

James Dashner

Chicken House for Scholastic Australia



June 12

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin


Thomas nodded. “I’ll crouch. Minho, you lean over my shoulder. Brenda to the left and Newt to the right.”
The women pulled out her key card but said nothing.
“One,” Thomas began. “Two.”
He paused, allowed himself a moment to suck in a breath, but before he could yell the last number an alarm started blaring and the lights went out.


Death Cure is the final book in The Maze Runner Trilogy; it is not a standalone novel. It is strongly recommended to read the two previous books, Maze Runner and The Scorched Trials, before starting this final book. Dashner compels the reader to succumb to his terrifying world.

A world filled with disease, despair and the dying. A slow-paced ‘end of days’. It is up to Thomas and his friends to escape the WICKED and try to save the world from extinction. These, band of teenagers are ready for a fight, but are they ready for the end possibility?

The Death Cure is defiantly more appropriate for the older readers of young adult fiction. The plot and some characters are highly violent, and the author touches on themes that alienate the reader. Death Cure is a fast paced, emotionally charged rollercoaster of a fantastically written story.

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