Nazam Anhar

Scholastic Press

978 1 74283 030 8


June 2012

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin


‘Vengeance will bring them back here. Prepare for battle!’

When young Baran tries to warn his village, the village of Shenzing, of the two Dragons he views flying around the mountain peaks, his cries of danger are met with sneers, laughter and taunts. No one will believe the village outcast!

In the middle of the night, tragedy strikes as the Dragons devastate Shenzing. Only a Dragon Warrior can save them now, but at what price?

Dragon Hunter is a fast paced fantasy novel targeted at children 10+, although older readers will thoroughly enjoy the way Anhar weaves a magical tale, which will have readers clinging to the pagers.

We follow teenager Baran who is the village outcast, taunted by other children for having no father. All Baran wants is to protect and provide for his mother and sisters. All the changes when while goat herding, he spots two Dragons. Dragons have not been seen in so long that they have become myths, Can Baran save his family? Should he warn the villagers that openly shun and mock him?

An epic setting and a fantastic story, of how to overcome bullying and about finding one’s inner strength to rise above adversary, and above all, how to triumph against fear. Readers, boys and girls alike will love Dragon Hunter.

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