The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket

John Boyne

Oliver Jeffers

Random House


$ 19.95


Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin

“‘He’s up there,’ said Dr Snow in amazement, and it was true: he was. For Barnaby Brocket, the third child of the most normal family who had ever lived in the southern hemisphere, was already proving himself to be anything but normal by refusing to obey the most fundamental rule of all.

The law of gravity.”

John Boyne introduces the reader to an extraordinary 8-year-old boy. Barnaby Brocket, who has floated since the moment he was born. We follow Barnaby on a series of adventures as he struggles to get back home, where he meets many people who are very differ from the norm.

Boyne weaves a remarkable tale of a young boy who doesn’t quite fit in to his normal family, and after that terrible thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket, he sets off on a journey which shows him many differing types of ‘normal’, and introduces him to many wonderful friends on the way home to Kirribilli, Sydney.

Accompanied by marvellous illustrations drawn by Oliver Jeffers, The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket will entertain readers from the middle group upwards.

A story that strike home on what it means to fit into societies view of normal or different, readers will learn all that matters is that you accept who you are, there is no one type of normal.

Overall The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket is a surprisingly, wonderful book that children of all ages will thoroughly enjoy.

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