Book of the Month: We’re Going on a Croc Hunt

This month we have carefully selected a fun and fabulous children’s book for our shared chat.

We’re Going on a Croc Hunt has the familiar “we’re going on a bear hunt” story line but with a distinctive Aussie feel.

Written by Laine Mitchell and Illustrated by Louis Shea this delightful book also has the fantastic singing voice of Jay Laga’aia on an included CD.

The story is easy to follow and with repeating lines even those unfamiliar with the original can quickly join in. So join our little native friends as they embark on a croc hunt. Being brave as can be they are not afraid! Can you spot the croc hidden on each beautifully illustrated page? So much fun you will want to read (and listen to) it over and over again. So don’t just sit there we’ve got a croc to catch let’s see your actions scurry, scurry, sneak, sneak. Off you go.


We’re Going on a Croc Hunt is published this month by Scholastic Australia and can be purchased for $19.99. Why not get in quick and order yours online we can’t wait to hear what you think. We at love it.


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