The Look

Sophia Bennett

Chicken House (Scholastic)

ISBN: 978-1-906427-91-7

12+ Years

Reviewer: Kelly McDonald

Every now and then a book comes along that takes you by surprise. You get completely caught up into the character’s head space, you feel everything like it was happening to you. I found this with Sophia Bennett’s latest book, The Look.

I was drawn into the world of Ted immediately. Ted is fifteen, tall, has a mono brow and is by her own description…freaky! Her sister on the other hand is drop dead gorgeous, popular and madly in love with her boyfriend Jesse. Whilst helping her sister unsuccessfully busk on the street for some holiday money, she is approached by a talent agent.

It has to be a scam doesn’t it? Maybe, maybe not, but in any case, what are the chances of her mum and dad letting her be a model. The kids at school wouldn’t believe it, they call her freaky Friday.

Then Ted finds out her sister is sick…very sick. She is torn between living the life she wants, and the one her sister needs her too.

I couldn’t put this book down. I laughed out loud, I gasped in shock and I cried. It is simply a beautiful, well written piece of art! I would recommend to anyone over the age of 12. Sophia…well done. This is a great book!

What do you think?

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