Time Between Us

Tamara Ireland Stone

Doubleday (Random House)

ISBN: 978-0-857-53115-5

RRP: $21.95

Reviewer: Kelly McDonald

Anna is an average sixteen year old girl in an upper class town. Everything in her life is average, completely normal, and although she is well loved, and has great friends, she is looking for something more. Her lifetime dream has been to travel. She lives in Chicago and the year is 1995.

Bennet lives in San Francisco, in 2012. Bennet is seventeen and has an amazing gift. He can will his way to another place and time. In his search for a loved one lost, he meets Anna. He knows the union can only bring them both heart ache, but neither of them can help it, They are drawn together. But the thing is, Bennets gift is also a curse. He can also disappear, without notice, in a flash.

Ok. So I read this book in approx 9 hours, between meals, work, and any second I could get away from the small child at my feet.

Tamara Ireland Stone has created an AMAZING story. It is definitely going on my keep it shelf. I read the blurb on the back, and wasn’t inspired to read it straight away, but oh my goodness, when I started I couldn’t put it down.

Time between us is a tale of first love, friendship, family and just a little magic thrown in. Amazingly, you believe every second that what is happening in the book is true! Not once did it cross my mind that young Bennet could not actually cross the boundaries of time.

This book is a must read. I think anyone from 15 to 50 and maybe even beyond would enjoy this wonderfully written story of Anna and Bennet.  It is on my highest recommendation. Lovely lovely lovely!


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