The wolf princess

Cathryn Constable

Chicken House. (scholastic)

ISBN 978-1-9084353-4-7

RRP $16.99

Publication Date: Nov 2012

Age 9+

Reviewer: Kelly McDonald

Sophie has lost both her parents, and her guardian really could not be bothered with her at all. Sophie is packed off to a boarding school in dreary London, where besides from two great friends, all she has is dreams and memories of a different place and her father’s voice and stories. She wishes she was different, more special, but never could she imagine what was in store for her.

On a school trip to Russia, Sophie and her two friends find themselves abandoned on a train. They are taken to the falling down palace where the glamorous Princess Anna Volkonskaya takes care of them, opening their eyes to a new and legend filled world. But as the wolves prowl around the grounds, Sophie discovers something about her dreams in the crumbling palatial walls. Not everything is as it seems. Sophie and her friends are in more danger than they could ever know.


I love the choice Chicken House makes in their publications. This book was a great read, full of suspense, stories of loss,  sparkling tales of diamonds, a tragic past and the power of friendship and trust.

Cathryn Constable has written a well paced story with great characters, a lot of research and an amazing tale. I loved the fact that at the end it was a little scary. Not too much, but enough to make you breathe faster and turn the page quicker.

A great tale for any young girl with an adventurous heart, and who dares to dream.


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