Mystic City

Theo Lawrence

Random House

ISBN : 978-0-857-53247-3

RRP: $21.95

15+ Years

Review by Kelly McDonald



The second Mystic City novel is due out in the summer, 2013. I can not wait!


The place is Manhattan, but it is not in today’s time. The world has changed, the mystics live below as poor, second-rate citizens. They are drained of their powers regularly to keep everyone else safe.


The affluent non mystics live above. They have the money, they have the lifestyles. But their world is also split in two.


For generations the Rose’s and the Foster’s  have been at opposite ends of the political game. But now after a terrible accident, Aria Rose finds herself engaged to her families arch rival’s son, Thomas. Her parents should be furious, but it seems that both Aria’s family, and that of her forbidden fiancé deem it best for the whole nation if they work together, and come together by marriage, to keep the mystic rebels at bay.


So why does it not seem right to Aria? She must have loved this boy madly to go against their wishes, but she can’t remember him.

Who was it out on her balcony the night of the engagement party?

What does she find when she goes looking for her fiancé to ask him the questions swirling in her mind?

All of it adds up to a fantastic story. I was riveted all the way through, and can’t wait for the next one.

What do you think?

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