Katie & the Leprechaun

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Kathryn England

Illustrator; Emma Stuart

New Frontier Publishing – Little Rocket series

RRP: $12.95

Market: 7+ years.

ISBN: 9781921928239

Publication Date: August 2012

Reviewer: Vicki Griffin. BA-UNE.

The very first thing that struck me about this book is the quality of paper it’s printed on, its thick and has a wonderful feel to it. The illustrations throughout are charming and quite whimsical. The text is fairly large and the sentences structured, but relatively short. It would make a great resource for reluctant readers.

The storyline itself is fairly simple, Katie finds a Leprechaun hanging around the local park and they both set off on an adventure to get the right footwear for a Leprechaun shoemaker.

However this is where a world of fantasy and adventure begins; Patrick Fitzpatrick and Katie O’Reilly seem an unlikely pair as they team up together. Katie can’t seem to have a sensible conversation with the leprechaun and asks him if he has come to find ‘his pot of gold.’ This sends ‘Paddy’ his nickname into a fit of laughter.  He explains that there is no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and who can find the end. Paddy is tired of making the same old shoe every day – as that is his job – but he wants to find something different like a big fat giant boot! So they both set off on an adventure Katie won’t forget and the book has a surprise ending which I won’t spoil.

‘Katie and the Leprechaun’ is a charming book for children almost with a fairytale quality running through it, any young girl would love to read this and especially boys who want to know more about Irish leprechaun’s.

3 star rating.

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