The Twelve Days of Aussie Christmas

Colin Buchanan & Glen Singleton

Scholastic Australia

9781742833675ISBN 978-1-74283-367-5

Publication Date: September 2012

Age: 2 – 10 Years

RRP: $19.99

Reviewer:  Rachel Mason
I have just finished reading this book to my three young children and they loved it!
I started reading it to them as a story, but by the time i got to the third day of Christmas, I found myself singing along to the original tune “The twelve days of Christmas”.
The children found it enjoyable to be able to sing along too, and were delighted by the beautiful illustrations on each page.
I loved that the book was filled with traditional Aussie things, such as “Jackaroos”, “Rusty utes” and “Daggy Dingoes”. It was amusing and familiar to my own little Aussies!
A very good book to read/sing aloud and it also comes with its own CD (which we haven’t played yet, but intend to).
The first thing the children want to do is have a go at finding all the hidden things inside the book!

Recommended for ages 2-10, but enjoyed by mums and dads as well!

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